The female volleyball team of CKC college defend the title in the annual“ThreeGood” volleyball game

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On Nov. 1st, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the final game of the annual  “ThreeGood” volleyball game was held in the covered sports field of the ZJG campus. After the straining work for more than one hour,the female volleyball team of CKC college defeated the team of Agriculture college and won the championship at last.
They showed an excellent game to the audience again by performing the 25-18 and 25-12 victory. The competition was staged in a cooling day when the autumn wind was rustling. The cold weather made it uneasy for girls to relax their bodies so they began the warm-up about forty minutes prior to the game.  
The CKC team advanced triumphantly in the group match. With the steady and flexible passing and the strong quick attack,the team reached the next quarter game as the leader defeating the Lantian team, the Economy team, the second team of Buliding Industry team.
Team members felt both nervous and excited facing the upcoming semifinal and somehow tired when had two games in merely one day. In the first quarter of the competition with the excellent Medical team, the members didn’t play their potential to the full and lost it. But girls soon rectified the situation under the instruction of the senior. Based on the tight service play, they attacked the relatively unprotected area of the competitor and got the 1:1 result. In order to break the dilemma in the third quarter, girls determined to give a strong and fast attack and finally they managed to extend the lead. Finally the CKC team won the game with 2:1 in a burst of enthusiasm.
In the final quarter, team members in the CKC team stood on the court infused by will and sense of honor. At the beginning of the game they continued to keep the tight plays and showed no fear to the seemingly high powered attack from the opposite side. When the CKC team captured the lead, girls managed to spike off the block and gave a brilliant performance by reducing their own errors. Keeping excited till the end, members succeeded in the first quarter.
During the second quarter, girls held the positive attitude and encouraged each other when trailing behind. The play was ended at the victory of 25:12 after striving adjusting the strategy.
Filled with laughter, swear and tears, the female team of CKC college won the triumph of the volleyball game for several weeks of competitions. Each member of the team showed the spirit of CKCers which contains perseverance,toughness,courage and intelligence.  We are all looking forward to the game next year which will inherit the CKC spirit and will surly never let us down.