Follow the etiquette,behave elegantly -- CKC Honor College etiquette knowledge salon

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From 15:00 to 17:00 on the 1st of November,the CKC Honor College etiquette knowledge salon was held in a cafe of Anzhong Building, Zhejiang University.With the accompany of desserts and music, the famous etiquette teacher Zhuo Hengkui made a brief introduction on the etiquette of afternoon tea , talked about the simulation and evaluation of real-life situations as well as had the Q&A part with students, which opened a door of social etiquette in university for us.
Dante said ,Man cannot live like beasts.Every beautiful behavior in the detail of life as well as persistent pursuit of etiquette can make our life more colorful and meaningful. In order to make every CKCers become more elegant, the CKC students union invited the CVCC etiquette teacher -- Mr. Zhuo Hengkui to participate in the activity.
At 4p.m, with the melodious music, dim light, black tea and delicious dessert in the cafe of Anzhong Building, the students took part in the salon were divided into four groups. Mr. Zhuo  arrived on the scene, wearing smart suit.
Guiding by the emcee Luo Xiaoying, the salon began. Firstly, Mr. Zhuo talked about the origin and etiquette of afternoon tea. Moreover, Mr. Zhuo gave a vivid introduction from the dress code to the dining environment, the ways of setting dessert to the order of tasting food, how to make tea to how to taste tea. 
Then, Mr. Zhuo made a transition from the examples of afternoon tea to the brief introduction of life etiquette. The focus on etiquette reflects the advance in living standard as well as the progress of the society. We should learn more about the etiquette but not let them limit our behaviors. Following was the climax of the salon -- role play. Four groups of students finished acting as roles in the situation of daily life setting by the staff of CKC students union.
If your roommate always studies all day and never do some sports, how will you persuade him to run at night? If your roommate always makes noise such as plays computer games, sings songs and makes phone calls loudly, how will you stop him? If you are late for handing in the homework because of personal reason,how will you persuade your teacher accept the assignment? If there is a classmate beside you makes a call loudly when you are study in the library, how will you persuade him to low down his voice and leave quietly? We may meet with these situation every day, but all of them reflect major principles on etiquette.The great performance given by the students won the applause of the audience and the praise of Mr. Zhuo. After that, Mr. Zhuo introduce some proper ways to solve these problems, sharing the wisdom of how to get along with people and deal with matters. 
Finally, according to some questions asked by the students before the salon, Mr. Zhuo shared his opinions on how to dress formal suit appropriately, how to accept and give praise properly as well as how to communicate with strangers, which helped the students live more elegantly in the university.
At 17p.m, the salon came to an end with the note of the music and the smell of the tea. The students all learned a lot from this activity and the salon finished successfully.