CKC YVA-Voluntary Work of Caring for Leukemic Children

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CKC YVA long-term voluntary work contains (Liangshan primary school) teacher support team, sign language service team, special children caring team and explaining service team. They are established to promote volunteer spirits and advocate participating in activities, which aim at serving and contributing to the society to provide warmth for those people in need of help. We now have over 200 long-term volunteers and moreover we expect everybody to join us.
Have you ever known there to be such a group of children? They cherish the most innocent faces and the most beautiful dreams. The god closed a door of them and varied them from us but we are eager to open the window that represents hope. On Oct 25th, the volunteers went to Affiliated Children's Hospital of Zhejiang University to start the first voluntary work in the new term.
When arriving at the ground floor of the in-patient department, most volunteers felt a little anxious due to this is their first experience. They discussed about the following action plan and sang the song the pleasant goat silently.
Under the head nurses instruction, the volunteers disinfected themselves and put on masks. Then they dispersed to each ward to play with the sick children. Li Xinyuan who comes from the Guitar association played and sang the prepared songs one ward after another.
Before the trip we bought many colour-filling books for them, now we filled pictures together amusedly. To our surprise, there happened to be a child who took out a finished copy of the secret garden to show to us.
This volunteer was chatting with the child. She told us later that the baby was extremely sensible.
The activity went to the end rapidly in great pleasure. These rooms resemble a playground rather than a ward as the sign indicates. All babies smiled in the very period, just like the ordinary people-perhaps more happy than us. The torture brought by sickness made them thinner and thinner, but it wont plunder their inherent amusement. To compare with them, shouldn’t we be more positive to the problems arise in our daily life?
Accompanying these children and entertaining them are what we can do in scope of our ability, which seems to be microbe. Nevertheless, when considering that we can bring them one days happiness, we felt its much worthwhile to do this. Compared to thousands of patients, one ward is excessively tiny, so we wish for your affiliating. Join our family and set out just for the love.