Consociation makes perfect——Record of 2015 Autumn Sports Competition in ZJU

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The 2015 autumn sports competition fell on Oct.23rd in Zhejiang University. Students of Chu Kochen College were brimming with passion despite the mild coldness in the late autumn. They arrived in the sports field even before the morning dew dissipated.
Under the rostrum are members of Wenqin Chorus, wearing suits and longuettes, with calm faces and elegant postures. In the front of the chorus are cheerleaders who dance vigorously. Behind the chorus are ritual team, who smiled comely, dressing white and standing in a line. Students lined up according to their college, standing as straight as pine trees. President Wu Zhaohui delivered speech and Secretary Jin Deshui announced the opening, accompanied by fierce applause. Students wearing college uniform of different colors form waves of colorful tides, exhibiting unique sparkling youth gloss.
Going on as planned, the sunshine jogging flushed the colorful crowd, spreading into the roads outside the sports field, filling the campus with colors. Among the white crowd are students from Chu Kochen College, leaving their first silhouette in the sports competition. They keep going despite all kind of difficulties, practicing the principal of unity and the spirits of sports.
The unveiling of ongoing contests followed the end of opening ceremony. Students from Chu Kochen anticipated in all kinds of sports, including high jump, long jump, shot put and races of different length. Holding on to their dreams, they exerted their best selves in the sports field, caring no rank. The motivation of their efforts came from their own sports spirits. After all they have spent on the sports field, many athletes gained not only awards and medals but also improvement of themselves, finding the better inner nature. What students of Chu Kochen College won hanged on the honor board and the hearts of athletes and audience.
Besides the good news in individual and group programs, the performance in the group program of Chu Kochen College was excellent, winning the fourth among undergraduate department and sports morality award. These awards are recognition of efforts of every students in Chu Kochen College, associating closely with the struggling of athletes, the comprehensive care of support crew and the cheering from the cheerleaders. Everyone in Chu Kochen College spared no efforts in sports competition, cheering, hugging and caring each other. These awards are the rewards of everybodys sweat and tears.
The sports competition came to an end in the afternoon on Oct. 24th. However, everyone that has witnessed this sports competition will not forget the ones who jumped towards the sky, the ones who ran as fast as wind, the ones who threw as far as they could. The energetic youths explain the meaning of sports spirits and decent character, fearing no heights and fighting together. We take pride in the fact that we belong to Zhejiang University and we belong to Chu Kochen College.