Build a Bridge to the Future--the Opening Ceremony of MIX Festival and the 35th CKC’s Lecture, From Academics to Entrepreneurship

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Clearing things up, we build a bridge to the future; pointing out the right pathway, the giants carve out the way from academics to entrepreneurship. At 6:30 pm on 17th, Oct. 2015, the Opening Ceremony of MIX Festival and the 35th CKCs Lecture, From Academics to Entrepreneurship was held at Room 139 in MengMinwei Building.
 The Opening Ceremony of MIX Festival, sharing by distinguished guests, interviews and Q&A consisted of this activity. We are honored to have invited the founder of Optoelectronics Research Centre, Prof. He Sailing, chairman of Wanpeng Education, Shentu Zubin and young entrepreneur, Yang Yang to be our guests. They would share their unique life stories which concentrated on their transformation from immaturity to maturity. 
First of all, Zhang Hui, Secretary of the Youth League Committee made a speech of the opening ceremony. Then, Wang Zichen, chairman of Students Union introduced the schedule of the whole MIX Festival. Later on, it came to the sharing segment. Three CKCers talked about their courses of success from different perspectives, stressing the significance of struggle and goals.
During the sharing, Prof. He demonstrated the analysis of optoelectronics technology and its application prospect, leading us to a brand new high-tech world. Meanwhile, he encouraged us to pay more attention to the burgeoning fields and the trend of world development so that we could broaden our horizon and get enlightened.
On the other hand, Shentu Zubin illustrated his point of view about the difference between Chinese education system and that of America, discussing the importance of the exploring process itself from teaching to cultivating, from leaning to studying. Not only did he point out the problems and methods of reformation of Chinese universities, but he also emphasized the significance of struggle by telling his own life stories.

Next, Yang Yang admonished students to never ever forget about their own goals with the most impressive story between one of his teachers and himself.

In the time followed, the interview began in an easy atmosphere. Three CKCers shared their experiences and fun in ZJU, teaching students not to dream about rising to the fame overnight but to seize the opportunities down to earth. One thing that they said in common was to study hard in order to lay a solid foundation for further development and balance interest and ability in order to clear ones mind about the future.
Finally, students presented plenty of questions during the Q&A segment. Guests patient answers brought a successful end to this activity.
We are honorable ZJUers thanks to these outstanding seniors as our models; we are preeminent CKCers thanks to these excellent alumni as our mentors. This activity has helped students to form a deeper understanding of the transformation from academics to entrepreneurship so that students can be clearer about their future goals. Future is awaiting us to create; success is awaiting us to light up. We all believe the future of CKC will be brighter and brighter!