A Fabulous Feast --The first UPA development forum

Editor:csy Date:2015-10-21 Hits:592

On the 17th of October, UPA (Undergraduate of Public Administration) development forum was successfully held in MengMinwei Building, ZJU ZiJinGang campus. The forum centered around the topic of “career planning and developing”, which was composed of three sub forums. Returning to ZJU from various posts over the country, UPA graduates shared their experiences, gave valuable suggestions and provided us with a fabulous feast full of experience.
On the same day, the Executive Vice-President of CKC Honors Collge, Qiu Limin, UPA professor, Yu Jianxin and teacher representatives, professor Wang Shizong, professor Chen Lijun , teacher in charge of UPA, Jin Yiping and so on attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. They expressed their profound love for previous UPAers, complimented current achievements and showed their expectation of a more prosperous future.

The topic of the first sub forum was “UPAers in job market: how to combine personal growth with social contribution better?” Three UPA graduates, Chen Rui, Ying Tengyun and Linchen shared their experience of striving in job market. Rational choice-making, decisive decline, far-sighted tactic and diligent working were all crucial qualities for success. The second sub forum discussed the topic of “PHD in job market: how to understand the ups and downs in academic career?” Both working in enterprises, graduates Sun Jing and Lin Gaobang, expressed their opinions with regard to this topic, which provided students with a different way of thinking. Graduates Song Xiulin and Dong Hao shared their understanding of PHD, and gave sincere suggestions on academic career planning. The last sub forum focused on “Females in job market: equality and balance”. Graduates Li Hongqiang, Zhou Liang, Wang Ying, Mou Qian and so on had a relaxing discussion on how to keep a perfect balance among career, family and many other responsibilities. The complexity of the topic was easily relieved by the humorous speeches of the speakers while the audience learned precious lessons in successive laughter.

The forum ended in success eventually. Students who have attended the forum have all learnt a lot from the forum while the bond between UPAers grew closer. We are all looking forward to the next forum.