Analyzing the training scheme, Dean Tang guiding our way

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On the 13th of October, ‘Luncheon with Dean Tang’ was successfully held by CKC Honors College at East 1A-101. Dean Tang Xiaowu explained the training scheme in detail to the students who participated in the activity. Also, he put forward many requests and suggestions about study to the freshmen.
At the beginning of the luncheon, Dean Tang analyzed the ‘More Exercise’ principle to the students. Then he introduced several outstanding senior students whose stories are recorded in the book We Are in the World Famous. Dean Tang also introduced method to study more efficiently combining his own experience, which left strong impression on the students. Next, Dean Tang reminded the freshmen to find balance between learning and student activities. By mentioning several real examples, he educated the students that college life should be mainly based on learning instead of overmuch activity.
As time passed by, the atmosphere was more relaxing. The humorous of Dean Tang didn’t only ease the serious atmosphere, but also led everybody to profound thinking. Among the excellent students Dean Tang mentioned, some went abroad for further study, others stayed at Zhejiang University for P.H.D. However, all of them worked hard to the route designed by Dean Tang. Dean Tang concerned about the learning of the students. Although he thought the competition in CKC Honors College was fierce, he believed and hoped that the students could build solid foundation of knowledge and be enrolled by the world top universities.
Dean Tang recommend some mathematics and program design assistant book and study methods to the students and taught students the importance of helping each other. Also, the width and depth of knowledge and thinking ability of students were constantly stressed. This was exactly the angle of the selection test of CKC Honors College. Dean Tang hoped students in CKC Honors College can be truly ‘holding high aspiration, reaching for excellence’, and became outstanding talents in the world.
In the Q&A section, students were all eager to ask questions. The first student asked about the most concerned question about the elimination system. Dean Tang replied that it is not time to worry about it. Instead, he encouraged students to go forward. ‘If you are knocked out, you might not suit the study mode here.’ Dean Tang also told the students to take the time before classes to ask teachers questions and communicate more with teacher to determine where the problem is.
Afterwards, Dean Tang introduced efficient methods of self management. He required the students not to use mobile phone during class time and go to classroom for individual study. Fixed biological clock was also necessary. These requests seemed difficult, however were proved very effective in practice. Even when students asked poignant questions one by one, Dean Tang replied fluently and conquered everyone with his grace and humor. His answer always hit the points and pointed out the problems about the students learning views. Meanwhile, he reminded students that they should learn real knowledge and ability rather than care too much about GPA.
With time elapsing, ‘Luncheon with Dean Tang’ was close to the end. However, the students still had a lot of question and wanted to communicate with Dean Tang to get more guidance. Although it was a simple lunch, but through communicate with dean, students gained more confidence about further study. It went without saying that this luncheon offered students who participated more courage to face challenges in the future.